Are your little learners struggling to learn letters and sounds?

Are there some letters they just can't seem to remember?

Are they confusing similar letters or letter sounds?

These Alphabet Intervention Resources will transform letter learning for your little learners.


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Letter recognition and letter-sound mastery are crucial for reading success.

As a Pre-K teacher, I know how frustrating it can be when the end of the year approaches and there are students who still don't know letters and sounds.

I have friends who are kindergarten teachers and express frustration when children come to kindergarten struggling with the alphabet. Or worse yet, when they're still struggling at the end of kindergarten.

Children who know letters and letter sounds with fluency and automaticity will more quickly become readers (and writers.)

Teaching letters and sounds can actually be quick- and easy. 🙌🏼

In as little as ten minutes a day, you can use THE ULTIMATE ALPHABET INTERVENTION BUNDLE to help your little learners:

  • Recognize Capital and Lower-Case Letters
  • Distinguish one Letter from Another
  • Identify Letter Sounds
  • Learn Short and Long Vowel Sounds
  • Master Proper Letter Formation
  • and more!



(436 pages of printables for teaching letters, letter sounds, and letter formation)

  • 16 Printables for Each Letter of the Alphabet (includes short and long vowel practice pages)
  • Letter Identification Activities
  • Letter Recognition Activities
  • Letter Formation Practice
  • Letter Sound Activities

  • BONUS - Alphabet Data Binder to track students' progress (a $4 value)

Total value: $56

Regular price: $39




(the Alphabet Intervention Starter Kit PLUS Bonus printables and digital games for teaching letters and sounds)

  • 16 Printables for Each Letter of the Alphabet (includes short and long vowel practice pages)
  • Letter Identification Activities
  • Letter Recognition Activities
  • Letter Formation Practice
  • Letter Sound Activities
  • 20 Digital BOOM Alphabet Games for play on a Tablet, Phone, or Computer (includes 10 letter matching games and 10 letter sound games)

  • BONUS 1- Alphabet Data Binder to track students' progress (a $4 value)
  • BONUS 2 - Letter Formation Alphabet Center (Jumbo letter tracers and mini letter booklets) (a $7.50 value)
  • BONUS 3 - Alphabet Practice Worksheets (1 per letter for intensive review) - 26 pages (a $5.00 value
  • BONUS 4 - A Guide to using Boom Digital Games in Preschool or Kindergarten (a $3.00 value)

Total value: $131

Regular price: $85

The STARTER KIT Includes 436 pages of Alphabet Intervention Printables.

The Starter Kit comes with 16-20 printables for each letter of the alphabet including:

  • Letter Identification Activities
  • Letter Recognition Activities
  • Letter Formation Activities
  • Letter Sound Activities
  • Letter Building Activities
  • Printables for Both Long and Short Vowels

With this 436 page bundle of Alphabet Printables, you'll have an entire toolkit of resources to help your little learners master letters and letter sounds once and for all.

  • No Prep Printables so you can take back your planning time
  • Blackline Pages so that you can save money on printer ink
  • The Confidence you need to Teach the Alphabet because now you'll have a system and plan in place
  • Success for your Little Learners because they deserve every chance at becoming a successful reader and writer

The Deluxe Kit Includes Everything in the Starter Kit PLUS 20 Digital Alphabet Games AND 4 Amazing Bonuses!


Intervention Bundle

  • 436 Page A-Z Intervention Packet (from the Starter Kit - a $56 Value)
  • 20 Digital BOOM Alphabet Games (self-checking games that can be played on a tablet or computer - a $30 Value)
  • BONUS ONE: Alphabet Data Printables to Track Student Progress (a $4 Value)
  • BONUS TWO: Letter Formation Alphabet Center (jumbo tracers and mini letter booklets - a $7.50 Value)
  • BONUS THREE: 26 No Prep Alphabet Practice Worksheets (focusing on one letter per page - a $5 Value)
  • BONUS FOUR: A Guide to Using Boom Digital Games in Preschool or Kindergarten (a $3 Value)

The DELUXE KIT is Perfect for You if:

  • You want No-Prep, Grab-and-Go Printables for Alphabet Intervention
  • You want Students to Focus on Letter Identification, Letter Formation, and Letter Sounds
  • You want Digital Learning Games that are Self-Checking
  • You want Explicit Practice Activities for Teaching Proper Letter Formation
  • You Want Additional Alphabet Practice Pages to Use for Homework or Morning Work

Here's a Look at the Bonuses You'll Get in the Deluxe Kit:


Get this FREE Alphabet Data Binder to keep track of your students' letter mastery.

Use these BONUS printables to track letter recognition, letter sound mastery, and letter formation.

Track each testing period with a different color Bingo dabber, and you can easily visualize your students' progress as the year progresses.

Bonus Value: $4


Make handwriting practice fun AND teach proper letter formation with this printable packet. Proper letter formation is critical for fluent handwriting.

This packet includes jumbo letter tracers which show the path of motion for capital and lower case letters. It also includes mini letter booklets students can take home.

Laminate the letter tracers for a fun dry erase activity or writing center!

Bonus Value: $6


These NO PREP ALPHABET PRACTICE PAGES are so quick and easy to print and complete! There is one page focusing on each letter.

Students will have fun while learning about letter formation, letter identification, and letter sounds for EACH letter of the alphabet!

Bonus Value: $5


This handy guide will teach you how to use BOOM Games in your classroom or at home.

Learn which kinds of games are appropriate for preschool, Pre-K, or Kindergarten learners and how to access and play games on a computer or tablet.

Bonus Value: $3

Hi, I'm Ashley Reed, and my goal is to help teachers and parents make learning fun for their Preschool and Kindergarten aged children.

I'm a public school Pre-K teacher in Georgia who has over 17 years' classroom experience as a teacher. My Master's degree is in Early Literacy, and I have a passion for teaching pre-readers the skills they'll need to become successful readers.

Every resource I create is research-backed and teacher-tested in my own classroom. I believe in hands-on learning and strive to create resources that teachers and students will both love!

Let's work together to help your students master letters and sounds once and for all!

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